Inafferrabili algoritmi, lectio di Claudio Bartocci


24 Apr 18

Tuesday 24 April '18


2 h





When we calculate the product of two numbers or google for a hotel, when we use the credit card or the GPS, the answer we get and the time it takes to get it depend on an algorithm and its efficiency. What is an algorithm? During the last century, logicians, linguists, and philosophers have tried to find a definition they would all agree on it. Yet there are still many controversial aspects and unanswered questions. Does our brain work in an algorithmic way? Algorithms remain elusive contents: yet they condition our lives and their possibilities for development will have a substantial influence on our future.

The event is part of the "Scintille" lecture series, dedicated to the topic of technological innovation, realized thanks to the collaboration with Associazione Doppiozero founded by Dr. Marco Belpoliti. "Scintille" proposes a series of lectures led by a speaker who tells about a "spark," an idea, or a project or an invention, that has changed something in our way of living; ideas that have had a relapse in everyone's daily life. Not just great inventions or theorems or formulas, but small objects that have changed something important in our existence over the past 70 years.

The meeting is accessible to deaf and hearing-impaired people.


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Capacity: 150 seats

All events are free, with mandatory reservation.
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