La rivoluzione digitale, lectio di Urs Gasser


18 Dec 18

Tuesday 18 December '18

For the fourth lecture of the "Scintille - Le quattro rivoluzioni" series, the Public Program will host Professor Urs Gasser, Harvard University, that will talk about the Digital Revolution.

As individuals and as a society, we find ourselves in the midst of a digital transformation that affects all aspects of our lives, including how we meet our partners, stay in touch with friends, communicate with each other, conduct business or interact with the government, or learn and educate ourselves. Daily news stories and headlines point towards the tremendous opportunities of the digital transformation in areas like health care and the commerce, but also document the enormous challenges, ranging from cybersecurity risks to the negative impact of technology on the future of work. In the first part of the lecture, I provide a brief history of the “digital revolution” and discuss some of the structural changes in our information environment – and the big normative questions associated with it – that occur as we move from an analog to a digitally connected world. In the second part of the presentation, I will share examples and reflections on how we, the people can shape the future of digital technology and ensure that it is used for the social good and to the benefit of all people, not only a privileged few.


The "Scintille - Le quattro rivoluzioni" series dedicated to the topic of technological innovation and realized thanks to the collaboration with Professor Juan Carlos De Martin of the Politecnico di Torino, proposes a series of lectures led by a speaker who tells about a "spark" or a "revolution." An idea, or a project or an invention that has changed something in our way of living. Four intertwined revolutions that will influence, in ways that are perhaps not yet fully understood, not only our way of living and producing, but even our own body. Each meeting will highlight both the expected benefits for humanity and the risks associated with these technologies to provide an overview of the tremendous technological changes of our time and the impact they will have on society.



Dr. Urs Gasser is the Executive Director of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University and a Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School. His research and teaching activities focus on information law, policy, and society issues and the changing role of academia in the digitally networked age. At Berkman Klein and in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, he co-leads the Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Initiative, with a particular interest in global governance issues and the broader implications of next-generation technologies, including questions of human autonomy and inclusion. As a long-term research interest, he studies the patterns of interaction between law and innovation, and innovation with the legal system in the digital age.
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English-speaking meeting with Italian translation.

Capacity: 150 seats

All events are free, with mandatory reservation.
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