SeeYouTalks presenta Vincent Moon: NOMADISMO – il rapporto con il sacro nell’era digitale


26 Jun 18

Tuesday 26 June '18





Vincent Moon (aka Mathieu Saura) is a photographer, filmmaker, and ethnographer born in France in 1979, yet a true citizen of the world.

At one point in his career, Moon began traveling on every continent while filming and recording traditional music, musical metis influenced by multiple cultures and religious rites, to demonstrate the relationship between music and the elevation to the spiritual state of trance. His new path traced a clear line, and with all the respect to his previous works, he has changed his way of working by abandoning traditional professionalism in favor of a modern vision on the concept of 'amateur-ability.' He started collaborating and relying on local professionals and people who had contacted him over the years on "La Blogotheque" one of his most famous projects. He shared entirely and freely his work with them ceasing to relying on any traditional production structure. Thanks to this new project, he shot in more than 24 countries recording all the musical diversities that make this planet beautiful and exciting.

Again, after five years of travel, Moon decided to narrow down the core of his research by focusing on the documentation and the definition of sacredness in our days. His first project "Híbridos" is the result of four years of traveling in Brazil in search of surviving cults, from African originated rituals to the substantial and collective experiences of Catholic processions.

During this SeeYouTalks lecture, Moon will start from all these experiences to look for the point of connection between digital and sacred mediums, between digitality and spirituality, on how we can educate and enrich ourselves by approaching these compelling means of dissemination to reach a new level of knowledge. How to meet the standards of any industry such as the cinematographic one and to create a fresh and no longer money-centric production system more focused on a new concept of 'amateur-ability' lo-fi and "do it yourself." Nowadays, how do we relate to rituality and the "invisible" and how much is important to create and to re-invent this type of relation and relationship?

Event in collaboration with Seeyousound International Music Film Festival and included in the SeeYouTalks series, moments of divulgation in which the public, students, and fans of this genre, can meet with the great worldwide interpreters of this field, for an appointment that is inspirational rather than educational.



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