Legal notes


 The OGR-CRT consortium uses the main social networks to communicate with users over the internet. Company social media profiles are overseen by a digital team which reports to the OGR-CRT consortium (hereinafter “OGR”).

OGR social media channels are used to inform users about OGR activities and to receive comments, requests, questions, criticism and suggestions. The various channels produce their own text, photos, infographics, videos and other multimedia content, all of which should be considered covered by the Creative Commons CC BY-ND 3.0 license [Attribution – No derivatives]. These can be freely reproduced, but must always be credited to the channel that originally published them. Comments and posts from users represent the opinions of individuals and not those of OGR, which cannot be held responsible for the veracity of content posted on social media channels by third parties, natural and legal bodies. All requests are to be monitored and held in consideration. Our objective is to respond to requests wherever this is possible. Response times vary according to the type of request: not everything can be resolved over social media channels, but we will do everything possible to provide the best solutions! veryone has a right to contribute and express their own opinion. No censuring is practised on OGR social channels. However, all posts and comments which violate the conditions set out in this document will be removed. More specifically, these social media channels cannot be used to publish posts and comments that are discriminatory or offensive towards other users (whether or not they are present in the discussion), bodies, associations, companies or those that manage or moderate the social channels, regardless of the reason. OGR will not tolerate insults, vulgarity, threats or behaviour that compromise personal dignity, the rights of minorities and minors or the principles of liberty and equality. The following will also be moderated: comments that are irrelevant to the discussion in a particular post (off topic); comments or posts that feature sensitive information; repeated comments or posts; comments and posts designed to disrupt a discussion or offend those responsible for managing and moderating social channels; commercial spam.

In the event that a user repeatedly violates these conditions and/or those contained in the policies of the channels used, OGR reserves the right to use the ban or block functions to prevent further comments and/or posts and to report the user to the social network and, if necessary, to law enforcement.

All users are free to put forward their own initiatives on OGR social media channels with the help of links or special posts. Such contributions are permitted provided that they are pertinent to the discussion taking place. Comments and posts that have nothing to do with OGR will be removed. Contributions of a purely advertising nature will be removed.

Please be reminded that the treatment of users’ personal data depends on the policy adopted by the social media platform in question.

Sensitive information included in public comments and posts on OGR social media channels will be removed. Information sent by users to those responsible for managing the social media channel via private messages will be treated in accordance with Italian privacy laws.