OGR Cult: where visual and performing arts meet.
Space for concerts, exhibitions, performances, ballet, shows.

Spaces, conceived to be multifunctional, cover a total area of 9,000 square metres (200 metres in length) and will alternate exhibitions, shows, concerts ranging from classical to electronic music, theatre events, ballet and even immersive virtual reality experiences in a proper digital gallery.

In particular, visual arts will be located at OGR Cult: the three “binari” on the west side of OGR. Performing arts in the east wing, which has maintained its original name of “Sala Fucine”: it is provided with a variable height stage (the volume of which creates a “box in a box” effect), movable and retractable grandstands for the audience and a control room. The core of the space is the “Duomo” - an imposing 19 metres high hall where train coaches used to be propped up vertically for repairs – which will be used for seminars, conferences and workshops, thus underlining the OGR’s radical change of mission, from train repairs to producing and “overhauling” ideas.

Some of the graffiti on the walls, traces of the building’s past, have been preserved to make them visible to the public, with references to bygone times continuously influencing contemporary times.


Le corti

two new public squares for the city.


A place for thinking and talking.


A new point of departure for contemporary art.

Sala Fucine

A platform for music, dance and theatre.

OGR Cult in numbers

  • 9,000 sq.m. in total
  • 2,700 sq.m. for exhibitions
  • Up to 2,750 seating capacity
  • 350 sq.m. in the Duomo area
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OGR Cult

01 Oct 17 - 30 Dec 19

A site-specific installation for OGR

29 Mar 18 - 21 Mar 21

teamLab Future Park

21 Jun 19 - 30 Sep 19

Video art and performance

14 Sep 19

OGR SoundSystem | Theo Parrish (all night)

05 Oct 19

Klingande @OGR Torino

12 Oct 19

I Pixies arrivano alle OGR Torino