From workshop for trains to workshop for ideas
The new life of the OGR, redeveloped and returned to the town.

For over a hundred years the OGR - Officine Grandi Riparazioni, an imposing late XIX century industrial complex drove the town’s growth. Abandonment and dereliction ensuing the early 1990s closure, led to their planned demolition, luckily averted. In 2013 Fondazione CRT purchased the 20,000 sq.m. H-shaped building, the offices and the yards and, through Società OGR-CRT, their redevelopment began.

One thousand days were required to return them to Turin, converted into a new heart beating on creativity, culture and shows, projected towards the world. One hundred million euros invested by Fondazione CRT to bring back to life the OGR, the “cathedral” of Turin’s industrial history. Hi-tech solutions, environmental sustainability, historical preservation, versatility of spaces and accessibility for all: these were the specifications behind the radical refurbishment and conversion of the OGR: from former train repairs Workshops to new Workshops for contemporary culture, innovation and business acceleration, with a marked international stance.

OGR Torino, a new multipurpose cultural center in a former train repair facility

The New York Times

The OGR has just reopened as a hub of culture and innovation after a €100m investment by the CRT Foundation

Financial Times


  • 260,000

    total cubic meters

  • 35.000 sq.m.

    total surface

  • 100 mln €

    investment for the requalification

  • 2,700 sq.m.

    exhibiting space

  • 2,750

    show seatings

  • 99

    conference seatings

  • 4'

    on foot from Porta Susa

  • 50'

    from Milan by high-speed train