OGR YOU: Young Adults CLUB & TALKS
MOVE IT! Words, Images, Space, Rhythms.
OGR YOU (Young Adults) is a program promoted by Fondazione per l'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT, in collaboration with OGR, where it takes place.

OGR YOU, started in 2018, is devoted to the young adults, one of the least relevant segments of the educational programs of many Italian cultural institutions.

Its goal is to develop new ways for triggering the active participation of young people at OGR. It involves the presence of a series of Italian and international artists, both as lecturers and as tutors.

The theme for the 2019 edition is: MOVE IT! Words, Images, Space, Rhythms.

From February until June, and from September until December 2019, OGR YOU unfolds in two joint ways: a series of artist talks / lectures / performances open to all OGR’s visitors (as a branch of the OGR Public Program, 6.30-8 pm); and a series of special closed-door workshops (held twice a month at OGR, on Tuesday, 3-6 pm) run by the protagonists of the talks, aimed at a group of 15 Turin-based young adults (18/20 years old), selected through an Open Call.

Both the talks and the workshops are free.

The 15 members of OGR YOU Club (writers, musicians, videomakers, creative talents involved in the worlds of new technologies, visual, performing and live arts, bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers, etc) will be asked to participate, get involved, experiment, tell their own stories, as well as to create stories about what goes on at OGR, in a personal tone, in order to empower their critical, narrative and language skills.

In addition, the participants are actively involved in the conception and organization of a series of special OGR YOU evenings, as well as of THE BIG BREAK, the OGR YOU festival that marks the end of the program.

All their texts, videos, songs and photos are published on the OGR YOU blog.


Video recordings of past lectures are available on Fondazione Arte CRT's YouTube channel.

The project is curated by Barbara Casavecchia (critic, independent curator, she teaches at Brera art academy in Milan), in collaboration with Sergey Kantsedal (young independent curator, based in Turin).

Per info: ogryou@fondazioneartecrt.it